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Presenting Relax Caravan – a leading caravan fabricator and manufacturer headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Sturdy Exterior, Aesthetically designed Interiors.

Luxury meets comfort in Relax Caravan. The Design maximizes the small space to offer absolutely everything you need to feel at home.


Caravan on Hire

Travel in style or travel incognito. Election Campaigns to Film Shootings, holidays or adventure trips-the journey of a thousand miles starts with Relax Caravan.

Relax Caravans - Helping India move ahead with confidence

As India's leading fabricator and manufacturer of luxury and utility caravans, Relax Caravan offers all the luxury you deserve at a price you can afford. Aerodynamical in structure, every Caravan combines all things luxurious and style with form and function. Meticulously crafted inside out with every detail considered, every Caravan is defined by elegant finishes and amenities that delight. Your personal space as you travel, it seamlessly integrates technology with effortless living to give you a premium on-the-move experience.

Intelligent design, innovative features and premium quality define Relax Caravans which are made at Tamil Nadu's leading state-of-the-facility and custom manufactured to handle the Indian terrain. Refurbishing and customizing caravans is another core market Relax Caravan caters across India. Relax also offers bespoke models on request.

The preferred travel partner for the film fraternity, leading tour operators, event companies, hospitals, senior-citizen service providers and Government agencies, Relax Caravan is a motorhome that offers style and substance.

So, where do you want to go?

Feel free to Call or WhatsApp any queries on +91 94440 76778 / 99621-73344 / 99625-71000

We customize caravans as per customers requirement.

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Sridevi Garden Main Road, Valasarawakkam
Chennai - 600087